Rod Torres

Rodrigo Torres is the full-time Photographer and Videographer for the Adam Olsen Team, leading the stride for media domination! He graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2019 with a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Film. To this day he has 4 award winning films under his belt, two of which were screened at Houston’s very own WorldFest International Film Festival.

Rodrigo spends most of his time driving up and down the state of Texas making sure every square inch of real estate the Adam Olsen Team acquires is photographed and filmed to perfection. In his free time when he’s not on the road you’ll find Rodrigo looking for beautiful nature trails and parks across the United States and abroad. Like a free-bird that can’t be caged, he loves traveling and exploring new destinations. Apart from traveling he also enjoys rock climbing, bowling, and watching movies.