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Biggest Real Estate Photography Mistakes

While your home might speak for itself in person, knowing these professional real estate photography tips can help put your house in its best light. William Ganz, a Maryland-based broker and real estate agent, says, “The key thing to remember is the fact that an overwhelmingly high percentage of buyers start their home search online and are looking for homes that get their attention immediately.” According to the 2019 Profile of Home Staging, over 60 percent of real estate agents recommended professional photography when preparing to list a house for sale. Even if you decide to skip out on a photographer, taking high-quality photos is essential. One study found that homes that included professional real estate photos sold an average of 32% faster. In this article, we’ll review how to put your best foot forward when it comes to taking real estate photos and how to avoid common photography mistakes.

First Impressions Matter: Stage Your Home To Attract Buyers

One way to help make your pictures stand out is by staging your home. Staging can be a significant investment, with an average cost of $400, according to the National Association for Realtors. But it has been proven to have an equally significant return. In a survey conducted by NAR, 83% of buyer’s agents said that staging made it considerably easier for buyers to imagine the property as a potential home. “Even if you don’t have a budget to have your home staged, it is still worth at least paying $100-$200 for a home staging consultation to give you direction on what to remove, rearrange or add to your home,” according to Ganz. Staging your home before you take photos will make it appear bigger, brighter, and more appealing to buyers searching for homes online.

Photography Do’s And Don’ts

Once you’re sure your home is in tip-top shape, you can start prepping to take photos. But before you start cultivating your Instagram feed, make sure to review these approved tips by these real estate experts.

Don’t Take Photos In Poor Lighting

The tricky thing about shooting the inside of a home is competing with very bright light coming in through the windows while the interior is dark. Our eyes have no problem adjusting to this situation, but a camera can’t keep up. Dark photos limit a buyer’s ability to see the most attractive features of a home. Poor lighting can mean all the difference when making your house a top choice or a buyer moving on to a brighter, more alluring competitor on the market. According to Adam Olsen, a Southeast Texas-based broker, “One of the most important aspects to a home [is] light.” Olsen continues by saying that it’s best to avoid rainy or overcast weather, which can significantly affect the quality of the lighting during a photography session.

Do Make Use Of Natural Lighting

Sunshine can be a powerful tool that can highlight and sell the best features within a home. “Make sure it is a bright sunny day,” Olsen says. “Natural light is utterly important in setting the mood within a house.”

Let The Sunshine In

Open your blinds and curtains to let natural light inside. Don’t be afraid of using interior lights as a secondary source to brighten up dark areas.

Use Flash

Though it may seem weird to use a flash during the day, using flash will help the room appear brighter when the light is streaming in through the windows.

Timing Is Everything

Some of the best times to take photos, including the early morning hours, is about 30 minutes after sunrise, or about an hour before sunset.

Don’t Leave Out Your Dirty Laundry

Laundry, toys, and shoe piles all contribute to a cluttered, messy photo. Instead of seeing your spacious dining room, buyers might be distracted by the stacks of mail and magazines on the table, and all the coats hung up on the backs of the chairs. According to Melissa Kol, a Southeast Florida-based REALTOR®, things like cleaning supplies and even seasonal decor should be removed before taking any photos. “You need to clean up the space,” Kol says. She points out another commonly cluttered space: the fridge. “Don’t forget to remove magnets or photos on the refrigerator.” Kol advocates that sellers present a home in a way that people from all different walks of life will find appealing, and that often means removing personalized decorations from a space.

Do Declutter And Stage Your Home

Decluttering a home was recommended by 95% of agents when it comes to preparing it for sale, according to the NAR, followed closely by an entire home cleaning listed at 85%. Olsen says, “When taking photos, it’s important to declutter, put away large family portraits … and clean off surface tops to show space and size. This allows the buyer to look at the home with no distractions.” Once you’ve completed decluttering, you can create an appealing space for interested buyers by staging your home.

Stage Large Living Spaces

Make the most out of your staging by decorating key living spaces. The NAR indicated that selling agents found a predominant staging focus on areas such as the living room at 93%, the kitchen at 84%, the master bedroom at 78% and the dining room at 72%.

Get Family’s Opinions

Maybe you don’t always agree with Mom’s decorating choices, but having a fresh perspective from a family member can provide you with valuable feedback. In fact, 25% of participants in NAR’s survey indicated that buyers often brought family members who were not involved in the buying process to view a home.

Don’t Take A Selfie

Your listing isn’t the best place for a bathroom selfie. Dave Henderson, a Southeast Michigan-based REALTOR®, states, “Having your image in a mirror makes people focus on the mistakes rather than the room they are trying to get a feel for.” Try to avoid catching your reflection when you’re photographing any room with reflective surfaces. Paying close attention to details is an essential aspect of marketing your home.

Do Use Angles

If you’re in a room with a mirror, play around with angles. Find a spot to stand that’ll keep you out of the frame. Benjamin Ross, a Southwest Texas-based investor, landlord, REALTOR® and photographer, says, “Use a camera wall mount for interior images, especially in smaller homes. Your body takes up space. By using a suction-cup mount, you can capture more area for the image.” If you’d rather skip the wall mount, try to capture a more extensive view of the area by backing into a corner and photographing on your knees.

Don’t Take Blurry Photos

When snapping photos, it’s important to focus, focus, focus. Although your latest Instagram post may have gotten a plethora of likes, using your phone to take photos for your listing is an absolute don’t. If you have a tough time keeping your hands steady, use a tripod. A blurry photo might make buyers wonder about your professionalism, so it’s essential to make sure all your shots are sharp. Blurry, dark, and unfocused images could detract from a home’s charm. Manhattan-based broker and real estate agent Michael Shapot says, “A good agent, or a savvy seller, must be certain that the photos capture the essential and most saleable features of a home.”

Do Use A Quality Camera

Clear shots are worth their weight in gold. According to a study, listings shot with a DSLR camera sell for more money than those shot with a lower-quality camera, so believe us when we say, skip the smartphone pics. One professional real estate photography tip is to use a DSLR camera to add the feeling of depth to final photos, making small spaces look bigger. Olsen recommends using a camera with a special wide-angle lens. “When taking photos of a home it’s important to use a professional wide-angle lens camera to ensure the photo shows the majority of the room and space the home has to offer.” If you don’t have a quality camera, try borrowing one from a friend or renting one.

Don’t Let Pets Photobomb

We all know how adorable Jimmy Jr., Fido, and Miss Kitty are, but that doesn’t mean they should appear in your home’s listing. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in a home easily, and if they see your kids or pets, that’s not going to help. Let your home be the star of the shoot! Kol indicated that photographing pets can seem endearing to you, but could lead to some unintended consequences. Photos with pets can cause people with allergies to think twice about placing an offer on a home. “You don’t want to create any doubt in a person’s mind,” Kol says.

Do Photograph With Intention 

Felicia Mares, a California-based REALTOR®, shares that creating a logical flow of photography can help buyers envision themselves living in a home. “Organize the photos in order of a natural walkthrough, starting with the entrance and flowing throughout the house the same way a buyer would, likely ending in the backyard,” Mares says. Recently listed by REALTOR® Magazine as one of 2019’s 30 under 30, Mares has used drone footage, 3D walkthroughs, and professional photography to help maximize her client’s listings. She continues by saying it’s not always necessary to photograph nonessentials (such as close-ups of flowers) since they don’t add value. Instead, curate photos that provide additional relevance for interested buyers. Kol suggests taking extra photos of nearby amenities such as local restaurants, shopping spots, and parks.

Don’t Go Overboard With Photoshop

Pictures that are so obviously retouched can set a wrong impression, especially those that look unreal or odd. “Making a photo too light is a mistake,” according to Henderson. So, avoid adding extra Instagram filters or over-editing your photos before you list your home for sale. Real estate photography should enhance the marketability of a home for sale instead of being overshadowed by poor editing choices.

Do Make Simple Photo Adjustments

While it’s crucial not to overedit, a little retouching is OK. In fact, it’s a good idea to adjust white balance and contrast in your photos before posting them. Henderson advocates for making simple changes with editing software. “I typically use the photo editor on my laptop to do basic auto adjustments,” he says. “The iPhone also lets you [select] the darkest area of the screen, and it will auto adjust the lighting in the picture.” If you’re the creative type, you can work with apps like VSCO to make changes to white balance, brightness and contrast. But make sure you consult with a family member or professional real estate expert before you post to make sure the photos look professional.

Do Hire A Professional

The experts agree that when it comes to marketing, a professional real estate photographer can make all the difference. Shapot validates this sentiment by saying, “The most obvious way to avoid amateur mistakes when photographing a home is to not use amateur photos; hire a professional! A professional should ensure that the lighting is correct and everything is in focus, that the picture is balanced and has just the right amount of color to pop in all the right places … A professional photographer is worth every penny paid.”

Do Have A Home Listing Strategy

Once you’ve chosen the photos you want to feature, it’s essential to create a listing that’s as high quality as your photos. Make sure your listing is clear, descriptive and engaging. HGTV recommends using catchy descriptions with your photos to paint an appealing picture of each room. For example, if you have a well-maintained, spacious backyard, you may want to call it a “backyard paradise.” This way, buyers can picture themselves relaxing in your outdoor oasis.

Knowing how to take real estate photos is a necessity when selling a home on your own. Alex Kotovskov, a professional real estate photographer, explains, “Quality photos help people imagine their future life in a new place. This emotional trigger makes them send applications. What’s more, the majority of tenants scan photos first and read property descriptions only in case they find pictures good enough. In other words, adding quality photos is the best way to make listings stand out in the highly competitive market.”

Do Consult The Experts

No matter where you are on your home selling journey, consulting with experts can help prepare you to sell your home faster. For more information on how to sell your house, check out our Ultimate Guide on How to Sell a House For Sale By Owner. You’ll find out valuable information on pricing your home to sell, home showing tips and marketing tactics. Listing your home for sale and going back and forth on negotiations with buyers can be time-consuming and confusing. So, we’ve compiled a list of tools and resources, including expert real estate agents, professional photographers, and all of the necessary legal forms to get you through on top. You can find out more by browsing through our tools to sell your home.

Meet Adam Olsen of The Adam Olsen Team

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Olsen.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story?
At the age of 18, I ventured into the real estate industry and it took over seven months to sell my first property.  From that point forward, I typically sold 2+ properties per month.  Four years later, my organization has become one of North Houston’s top real estate teams.

It hasn’t always been easy, as there are many ups and downs in the real estate industry; 15+ hour work days and sometimes 7 day work weeks.  Most people don’t understand the time, energy, and money that is invested in helping clients buy or sell their property.  The goal of the Adam Olsen Team is to ensure our client’s needs are met in every aspect of the transaction.  Per the National Association of Realtors, the average realtor in the U.S. only sells three houses annually.  The Adam Olsen Team is projected to have nearly 100 closings in 2017.

I am a firm believer in personal development and a follower of motivational speakers.  A valuable lesson I learned was to anticipate the future.  I’m always looking for the next opportunity or great marketing idea to help me excel in the real estate industry.  A favorite quote is “the happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they make the best of everything.”  When I experience a low or a tough situation, I generally try to remove the emotion to think logically and focus on the solution and not the problem.

Our online marketing and advertisements, consistently running on a daily basis, has helped me achieve success in a short amount of time.  Our extraordinary marketing tactics have enabled me to reach over 36,000 followers on Facebook, with over 500,000 Facebook views each month.  This strategy has helped us build the strong and influential brand and presence we have in the North Houston Markets.
Has it been a smooth road?
The path to success has not been an easy road.  As stated previously, it took seven months to sell my first property after I failed repeatedly.  I’ve also had to contend with overcoming concerns regarding my young age.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Adam Olsen Team – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.

Our team specializes in Residential, Commercial, Farm & Ranch Real Estate, as well as business brokerage transactions.  I personally have almost ten years experience in the show livestock industries and have shown livestock all over the nation.  My experience in this arena allows me to understand the needs and concerns of clients who are looking for farm/ranch property.  Our team has sold properties in every facet of real estate, including strip centers, warehouse buildings, bars and grills, Schlotzsky’s franchises, commercial land, multiple farms and ranches, residential houses, hunting ranches, luxury homes, and investment properties.  We are known for our online marketing presence with over 36,000 active followers on Facebook.

I live in Huntsville and I am also the #1 listing agent in Huntsville.  Per The Huntsville Item newspaper, I was voted the best realtor in Huntsville for 2017, and #16 in the Houston Council of Realtor’s for RE/MAX LLC for the first quarter in 2017.

The Adam Olsen Team has had listing featured on HGTV twice and we have been featured on Pursuing Results out of San Diego.  Our Team is an official sponsor of the Sam Houston State University Bearkats.

The National Association of Realtors states that 98% of property buyers search online for their next property.  With this information, and our outstanding and strategic marketing presence, we run numerous online ads, reaching on average 200,000 to 750,000 people monthly on Facebook.  Facebook amounts to approximately half of our business and we also reach approximately 20,000-30,000 people monthly on my personal website, www.adamolsenteam.com

When marketing your listing, we ensure it is listed on HAR, Zillow, Realtor.com, Facebook, my personal website, and over 2,000 different real estate websites.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I like the diversity and strength of Houston and the greater Houston area.  Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation, with the fastest growing county in the U.S. (Montgomery County).  I don’t believe there’s any area in the country with as much opportunity as we have in the Houston area.  As we witnessed the community rally together during and after the tragic Hurricane Harvey disaster, it is obvious that the people are who make Houston and the surrounding areas great.  We witnessed neighbors helping neighbors without any agenda, judgment, or hate.  Those acts of kindness, strength, and courage shown by Houstonians are truly inspirational and our country needs to see that now more than ever.  There is no doubt that the Houston area will continue to develop and become stronger and better in the years to come.

Contact Info:

Branding and Influencing, the Team Way

Adam Olsen has achieved much in five short years.

After graduating high school, he began his career in real estate solo—but there were challenges.

“It took me over seven months to sell my first property,” explains Olsen. “I ended up teaming up with an individual in the office, and from there, we just grew.”

Now, as leader of The Adam Olsen Team, based in Greater Houston, Olsen oversees 22 agents and staff, with headquarters in Huntsville. He attributes the group’s growth largely to marketing on social media, driven by a Facebook following of 48,000, and ads reaching upwards of 200,000. In fact, in 2018, Property Spark ranked The Adam Olsen Team No. 6 for social media in the U.S., and Olsen himself was ranked Texas’ top social media influencer by Top Agent Magazine.

IDX Image

(L to R) Andrew Richey of The Adam Olsen Team; Dr. Phil McGraw; and Adam Olsen

A born motivator, Olsen is also a public speaker, and has participated in seminars with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Dr. Phil McGraw and others, championing the entrepreneurial spirit. Here, he discusses operating a team, and his advice for new teams.

Suzanne De Vita: Adam, you’ve cultivated a major presence on social media…
Adam Olsen:
 Our biggest asset to any consumer choosing The Adam Olsen Team is the online marketing that we have on Facebook, as well as other social media. We were actually ranked No. 1 in the state of Texas and No. 6 in the U.S. and Canada for online and social media marketing by Property Spark in 2018. We reach 200,000 to half a million people a month on Facebook ads online. We have about 48,000 followers on Facebook. That’s why, generally, consumers choose to go with us. I will always invest heavily in online marketing. A lot of people don’t like Zillow, realtor.com® and similar websites, but my mentality is, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’ That’s just the way we’ve always operated.

SD: You have a fairly large team. Do you have meetings regularly?
We meet every Wednesday and go over what agents and team members may need help with—issues that they may have encountered that week, etc. We also hold trainings every Wednesday. A couple times a year, we’ll go out to an event—a Grant Cardone event, we’ll have our Christmas party or go to a fun place like Top Golf or race go-karts, just to have fun and keep morale going.

SD: How do you distribute leads?
Leads go through our automated system, except for call-ins. People can schedule time to take our team phone, which is a cell phone that we rotate between agents. It is the only number online for our team. In addition to that, all of our Zillow, realtor.com and other online leads feed into our CRM follow-up process. They get distributed evenly on a round robin to all of our agents.

IDX Image

The Adam Olsen Team

SD: How do you determine who fits with your team? What characteristics or criteria are you looking for?
 We like to hire individuals with at least somewhat of an experience, whether it be a year-plus or two years-plus experience with at least a couple of transactions. That’s not to say we won’t hire someone new, but you really have to fit into the puzzle if you’re brand-new. We’re generally looking for highly motivated, driven individuals. That’s our biggest thing: people that are willing to work, because a lot of agents aren’t willing to invest the time and energy.

SD: What advice would you give an agent that’s considering forming a team, or to a team that’s just starting out?
Keep your head down and keep going. In this business, there’s a lot of ups and downs, and it’s easy to get caught up in the downs, because there are a lot of them. You get difficult clients or transactions that completely go south, and it’s hard to remove yourself personally because a lot of times you do take it personally, whether they’re friends or family or people you’ve gotten close to. If you take care of your clients, in return, they’re going to take care of you. Most of our business comes from referrals and online marketing. Those two are very important to us, and we’ve built what we have today because of them.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018

These real estate teams have taken over their city’s real estate market by further enhancing their presence on social media.

We’ve researched hundreds of real estate teams’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding real estate teams through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the real estate teams’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the real estate teams who made it to the final list have a great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018!



#100: The Cope Team

Scarlett Chan and Craig Cope sure do make a compelling team. They serve their clients with honesty and integrity, they have won several awards as well, and their success has made them to being lifetime members of “The Million Dollar Club”. Their exceptional service is highly recommended!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#99: Team Borden

Team Borden is a competent, caring and professional group. If you ever need a group of amazing individuals to take care of your real estate deals, reach out to them and they’ll go above and beyond for you! Take a look at their awesome social media pages!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#98: The Anne Marie Kerezsi Real Estate Team

From the reviews they receive from their clients, it isn’t hard to tell that The Anne Marie Kerezsi Real Estate Team provides the most amazing experience possible to their clients. They make sure you get the most personalized and professional service, and their devotion can be seen through their wonderful reviews. Do not miss out their page!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#97: The Ward Team

As a family-owned business, The Ward Team take care of their clients like they are family. Their listings are equally exceptional, the beautifully-structured homes combined with charming neighbourhoods make them anyone’s dream house. Feel free to visit their Facebook page for further details!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#96: Christopher Baker Team

Christopher and his team are a group of knowledgeable experts with a high level of community engagement. Furthermore, they make sure they guide their clients through the entire process and nothing is left unexplained. Even better, their luxurious listings are captivating and a must-see!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#95: The Bald Guy Real Estate Team

Dean Philpott is a truly experienced real estate agent packed with rich market knowledge. Along with his brilliant daughter Kate Philpott, they make the most dynamic father-daughter duo. This fun-loving team never misses out on their positive and cheery attitude when serving a client. Check out their listings and you will be left with no words!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#94: The Jerry & Rachel Hsieh Real Estate Team

Jerry and Rachel are both award winning real estate agents with excellent knowledge and skills to guide their team. The team has gorgeous listings and interesting blogs regarding LA real estate on their page. Make sure to browse their page!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#93: Mark that SOLD Home Selling Team

Mark and his team bring their professional approach and endless commitment into their service. There’s no doubt that they put their clients’ satisfactions as their top priority. If you want a team that is fully devoted into their job and your happiness, reaching out to this team is a good idea!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#92: PRIME Real Estate Team Victoria BC

PRIME Real Estate Team indeed consists of marvellous real estate agents! They are attentive, careful and always seek to give their clients informative advices and the support they need. In fact, the team is precisely your imagination of qualified real estate agents. Check them out on Facebook!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#91: The Ace Team

The Ace Team is totally the team of real estate agents you want to work with! They make sure you get an easy and enjoyable experience by guiding you through every step of the process. Their page is filled with stunning home listings and informative blogs, it is absolutely worth checking out!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#90: The Andrey Bustamante Team

You will be stunned by the team’s home listings when you scroll through their page! There’s no doubt that the team leader Andrey Bustamante is an experienced real estate professional who was awarded for his hard-work and knowledge. Andrey and his team are the real estate team you’ve been looking for!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#89: Jones Real Estate Team

Traci and her team achieve great teamwork. Their clients describe them as extremely knowledgeable, communicative and a pleasure to work with. The team strives to make the buying or selling experience as delightful as possible, no wonder their reputation in the real estate world is beyond excellent!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#88: Team Denver Homes

As an award-winning and one of the top-producing Denver luxury home specialist team, Team Denver Homes is extremely innovative, they never miss out on the latest technology and marketing strategies. You can count on them to find the most ideal real estate deal for you! Visit their Facebook page now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#87: Team Koki

The members at Team Koki are fantastic! The team leader, Koki Adasi is known for his real estate expertise on big media outlets. He was featured on the Realtor Magazine ‘30 under 30’ and elected as the president for the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors. Could you ask for another team of ultimate professionals?

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#86: The Wellman Team

The Wellman Team have high expertise in marketing and are specialized in various types of properties. By looking at their page, it is evident that they know what they are doing. Their home listings consist of exquisite-looking homes in beautiful neighbourhoods! You can also find real estate related posts on their amazing Facebook page.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#85: AJ Team

The AJ Team never stops providing their clients with a stress-free experience, they always put them into ease and make sure they feel welcomed and informed about every step of the process. There’s no question asked about their professionalism and dedication, just by looking at their over 57 five-star reviews on Facebook.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#84: Trevino Real Estate Team

Sheila and Jonathan are a hard-working pair. They are genuinely understanding and don’t ever pressure their clients into making undesirable decisions. Thus, their clients keep coming back or recommend the team to others, not to mention their perfect reviews on Facebook. Contact the team today for professional advice!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#83: The Canady Team

The Canady Team set the bars for professional real estate services! They are a group of experienced professionals who value their clients’ needs and requests as their top priority. Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates on home listings.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#82: Team Henry

Both Robin and Todd put genuine efforts into their job. Their clients often say they are communicative, responsive and overall a pleasure to work with. Likewise, their listings are as great as their services. Browse their page and discover their wonderful offers!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#81: Prime Time Home Team

The Prime Time Home Team make themselves approachable, personable, and attentive. This team is known for helping their home buyers save a big amount of money with their home purchase, and they are absolute experts when it comes to marketing a home for sale. You can count on them to find you the best deal out there!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#80: Team Brown

Team Brown Vegas consist of licensed real estate professionals who are ready to make your real estate wish a reality! They are energetic, driven, determined and fully passionate about what they do. Feel free to contact them on their social media pages.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#79: Team Wycoff

Everyone at Team Wycoff are truly amazing! They seek to make you part of their family and strive to make your real estate experience easy and enjoyable. Their outstanding reviews describe that each member is dedicated and caring. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#78: Your Hometown Real Estate Team

Michael and Carlie Smith are harding working and go above and beyond when it comes to real estate. This father-daughter duo are a dedicated and energetic team who are overall great to work with. Stop by their Facebook page for daily posts about listings, open houses, and more.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#77: The Kittle Team

Rob Kittle and his team at Kittle Real Estate are a group of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who strive to help you find your perfect home or sell your current one. If you’re interested in partnering up with Kittle Real Estate, head on over to their Facebook page for to see beautiful listed homes as well as helpful blogs and tips.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#76: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

The team at Berkshire Hathaway are committed to providing outstanding services by following their core values. Their CEO, Candace Adams has been twice named among 100 Most Influential Real Estate Executives by Real Estate Executive magazine. Head over to any of their beautiful social media pages to find out more about their team and their services.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#75: McNulty Team

Julia and Jack McNulty are ranked in the top 10 out of over 500 realtors in Williamsburg, and have an extensive understanding and knowledge of real estate in Williamsburg and surrounding areas. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for open houses, listings, and even interior design tips!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#74: Team Tudisco

Tony and Nicole Tudisco are award winning real estate agents who both have a strong passion for this industry. They are determined to helping their buyers find the right home at the right price, and determined to helping their sellers negotiate when it comes to selling their property. Go visit their Facebook page to find out more!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#73: The Irons Team

The real estate agents at The Irons Team are committed to building an honest relationship with their clients, allowing them to feel confident, and exceeding their expectations when it comes to customer service. Make sure to stop by their Facebook page to see beautiful listings, open houses, entertaining blogs!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#72: The Wood Team

The agents at The Wood Team are a group of hardworking and dedicated professionals who understand the ever changing real estate market. They make sure their clients have as much information as possible so they can make well-educated decisions when it comes to buying or selling their home. so, what are you waiting for? Visit their Facebook page now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#71: 2roofs Real Estate Team

Rob and Sean from 2roofs Real Estate Team are committed to ensuring that your home buying or selling experience is pleasurable and meaningful. Not to mention, after each transaction they give a portion of their commission to a non-profit organization that will help out someone in need. Check out their Facebook page now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#70: Team Fallico

Craig Fallico and his team have 37 plus years of experience in the real estate industry and have helped thousands of people reach their real estate goals along the way. They have built their success on hard work, integrity, and honesty. Stop by their Facebook page for daily posts on their newest listings and much more!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#69: Chisholm Galy Real Estate Team

Jeff Chisholm and Claudine Galy are a dedicated and passionate real estate team. They combine their numerous years of experience in the real estate field to provide their clients with the very best service. Head on over to their Facebook page for daily posts on new gorgeous listings and open houses.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#68: The Sibbio Team

Alishya and Christine Sibbo are an unstoppable mother-daughter real estate team. Between the two of them, they have years of experience in the real estate field and have a great understanding and knowledge about their area. They are ready and prepared to help their clients make one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#67: The Shore/Hitt Network

Ronald Shore and David Hitt are well experienced and knowledgeable professionals who treat their clients’ needs as their top priority. They have received countless testimonials about the wonderful service they provided. Stop by their Facebook page for updates on their home listings.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#66: Liz Carter & Team Realty

At Liz Carter & Team Realty, their goal is to help you find a home with the least amount of stress possible. They are a family-run company with over 40 years of experience in the real estate business. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#65: The Treasure Davis Team

The Treasure Davis Team is a group of dedicated professionals geared with expert knowledge and innovation when it comes to buying and selling homes. This team will definitely exceed your expectations and will be with you for every step of the way. See their fabulous listings and head on over to their social media pages!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#64: Hoekstra & Reiss

Al Hoekstra and Tyler Reiss take great pride in serving the people of Buffalo by providing them with the highest level of service. Whether it’s to offer advice or market information, Al and Tyler will work hard to exceed your expectations and meet your needs. Don’t forget to stop by their Facebook page for their listings or open houses.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#63: Tupper’s Team

Tupper Briggs and his team of hardworking and honest professionals serve their clients to ensure that their real estate dreams are realized. From helping first time home buyers to experienced sellers, Briggs and his team will provide you with the service you need to make sure your time in the real estate market is enjoyable. Head over to his Facebook page for daily posts on listings, open houses, blogs, articles, and more.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#62: Williamson Team Real Estate

You’ll be amazed when you scroll through this team’s social media pages! The homes they have listed are charming and beautiful and of the best quality. This team consists of award-winning, hardworking people who put the needs of their clients first. To find out more, drop by their Facebook or Instagram pages and leave a like or two!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#61: The Measer Team

Robert and Lisa Measer are a couple of real estate agents who are devoted to their clients in every way. They pay exceptional attention to detail, have outstanding marketing plans, and are always there for their clients and ready to answer any questions they may have. Visit their various social media pages to see the beautiful homes they have listed.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#60: The MN Team

With over 50 years of years of experience, the MN Real Estate Team provides a wide range of real estate services for their clients. Whether you are a first time or experienced home buyer, the MN Team has the knowledge and experience in each of these fields. So go check out their social media pages to find out more about them and what they can offer you.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#59: Kimberly & Daryl

Kimberly and Daryl’s dedication towards their clients is like no one else; their known to go above and beyond in order to ensure their clients are satisfied. Don’t forget to stop by their beautiful social media platforms for more information!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#58: The May Team

Highly recommended by many of their clients, the May Team is full of individual real estate agents who are fully committed to what they do. Their service are fast yet doesn’t lack quality, the team works collaboratively and tirelessly to achieve remarkable work. Keep it up The May Team!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#57: The Lippincott Team

Amy and her team make an outstanding group. Amy is an ideal team leader, she is packed with the business knowledge, honesty, compassion and devotion. With such an individual leading the team and all the efforts and contribution of other team members, it isn’t surprising that they developed into a successful and reputable team in the real estate world.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#56: Monica Foster Team

As a team leader, Monica seeks to make herself and her team available for their clients. She has been featured in the magazine and real estate radio show, furthermore, she published a book about doing real estate deals in her area and she is a valuable contributor and sponsor for numerous charities. There’s no a doubt that a team led by her is likewise fabulous!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#55: The Dowell Group

Danielle Dowell’s team is truly impressive and extraordinary, especially when facing difficult situations, they are always capable to find ways to solve it in the best way possible. Danielle uses the city’s finest resources to provide her clients with the most desirable effects. Do not forget to check on the team’s magnificent page!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#54: The Jamie Hering Team

Finding a new home becomes a smooth process with the Jamie Hering Team! They go extra miles for their clients and finish the work with impeccable results! The team’s page not only contains superb listings but also entertaining videos about real estate. As a valuable real estate team, Jamie and her team are doing an excellent job!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#53: Jason Smith Real Estate Team

The clients served by Jason and his team couldn’t be any more pleased! The clients were highly impressed with their efforts and brilliant market tactics. Additionally, they also appraised Jason on his logical and realistic problem-solving. It is obvious that the team is a highly-recommended one!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#52: The Parodi Team

Helpful, trustworthy, organized, those are the traits the Parodi Team is known for, not only are they incredibly skillful, they are also a tremendous bilingual team that is always ready to serve you attentively. Alfonso Parodi, the team leader, is an ultimate expert and has thorough market experience. Way to go, Pardo Team!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#51: True Team

The True team is well-known for their remarkable negotiation skills, attentiveness and persistence. Their Facebook page reviews are flooded with compliments from their customers, they are told that their magnificent and competent works made the real estate experiences the best ever! Contact them if you ever need to make a real estate deal, you will definitely be satisfied!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#50: The APT Team

Adriana and Tracy is a competent duo. Tracy is an outstanding negotiator and marketer, while Adriana is a luxury home expert. The two real estate agents work together and their teamwork is super! The luxury homes in their listings have truly breathtaking views! Go onto their page to see for yourself!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#49: The Barraza Team

The Barraza Team has a unique approach to the real estate business. Not only because they manage to organize stunning home listings, but they are also great at organizing events! Visit their Facebook page for details on the events!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#48: The BREL Team

At the BREL Team, amazing customer service is key. When you choose them to be your real estate team, they promise to be responsive and answer any questions you may have. If this sounds like the right team for you, you can go onto their Facebook page for more information or see the gorgeous listings they have.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#47: The Brian Phillips Team

Brian Phillips launched his team back in 2012 and since then his team has been named in the top 10 real estate teams in NYC at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Brian and his team can help you with your real estate needs, whatever situation you are in. Go see his team’s Facebook page for open houses, listings, articles, and more!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#46: Ask Gina & Company Team

Gina Tufano and her team know that buying or selling your home is a big commitment and can be nerve racking, but the agents at Team AGC are determined to answer any questions you may have and strive to make your real estate experience seamless and enjoyable. To find out about their listings or open house information, go to their Facebook page!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#45: Kathleen Kellett’s Team

Kathleen Kellett and her team are all about building relationships and helping others. They work hard to ensure that their clients have a pleasurable and exciting experience when buying their new home. Feel free to contact them through their Facebook, and while you’re there maybe even leave a like or two!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#44: The Team Colorado

The agents at Team Colorado are professionals who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond for their clients. They are exceptionally organized and aim to make the process easy for their clients. Head to their Facebook page for stunning listings and helpful blogs and articles that will make your home buying experience much easier.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#43: The Criscito Team

At The Criscito Team they believe that knowledge is power, and for this reason they make sure to stay on top of market changes so they can provide the very best service for their clients. If you’re interested in their luxury properties go visit their Facebook page for absolutely listed homes.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#42: Dean’s Team

Dean Moss and his team are a group of well-established real estate agents who work in your best interest. They will acknowledge any concerns or questions you may have, and will take the time to answer them all. Don’t forget to stop by their Facebook page for daily posts on their current listings and tips and advice for any homeowner.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#41: Team Emanuele

Team Emanuele was founded by Richard Emanuele in 2009. The team consists of professionals who aim to help buyers and sellers fulfill their real estate expectations. The team uses social media to constantly publish relative information and engage with its large audience. Check them out now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#40: Team Kath

Kath Hammerseng is the principle real estate agent in Team Kath. The team has esteemed real estate experts who deal with clients in a professional manner and their positive reviews are proof. The team makes sure to provide their social media followers with content that will help potential home buyers/sellers make a good decision in home investment.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#39: Rosemary West Team

Rosemary West Team is headed by Rosemary West and is located in Naperville, Illinois. The team has had successfully closed deals which have enabled it to rank among the top-rated teams. They are effective when it comes to keeping their large social media audience updated on recent developments regarding their firm.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#38: The Kristan Cole Team

This team is exceptional for their satisfactory services to clients looking to buy or sell homes. The team has esteemed specialists who work together and hand-in-hand with their clients to meet their clients’ requirements. They have prominent social media accounts where their large audience is regularly updated on their recent deals and content information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#37: The Rivera Team

The Rivera Team has esteemed professionals who work together with their clients to fulfill their expectations. Their online presence on social media is active to ensure that their numerous followers (over 5,100 on Facebook) are in constant awareness of their latest deals and relevant information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#36: The Real Sisters

This team is located in New York City and co-founded by Jennifer Saavedra & Renatta Paz. They have an elaborate team of experts in real estate who understand their clients’ needs and provide personalized services to ensure customer satisfaction. They are active on social media and keep their audience up-to-date with relevant information!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#35: The Ashton Real Estate Group

This is a team owned and led by Gary Ashton and has led his team into becoming the #1 team in Tennessee real estate teams and the #2 REMAX Team worldwide! Given their use of the Internet to their advantage, they make sure to be ever present in their social media accounts to engage their followers with constant communication and feedback!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#34: Team Diva Real Estate

The Team Diva Real Estate has achieved numerous successful sales and clients who have interacted with the team. Their online reputation has enabled clients to gain confidence in the team and eventually work with them. They have several established social media accounts to which they engage their followers and keep them up to date with their successful deals.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#33: The Cain Team

The Cain Team’s successful performance has made it rank among the top real estate teams and also gain a positive online reputation. The team aims to provide world-class services to property buyers or seller. They are ever present on social media where they constantly update their large audience with their latest deals and also engage with them.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#32: Cherie Resource Team

The Cherie Resource Team helps buyer and seller to meet their real estate expectations and also provide advice to potential clients and helping them make rightful decisions over their real estate needs. The team also has a strong social media presence and they make sure that they are in constant connection with their audience and give effective feedback.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#31: Justin Graham Team

Under Justin and Sarah’s lead, the Justin Graham Team never fails to meet and go above the clients’ expectations. They are a highly admirable and motivated group who enjoy what they do. We’ll say they are absolutely recommended and you should check them out on social media!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#30: The Stanco-Misiti Team

Co-founded by Michael Stanco & Michael Misiti, this team is committed to being the link between potential buyers and sellers. They are also established on social media with numerous followers and they keep their sites updated with recent content to ensure that their followers never miss out on important real estate information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#29: Trevor Moore Team

Trevor Moore Team focuses on finding the highest value in their transactions to ensure that clients’ can achieve their real estate needs. They have prominent social media accounts where they connect with their followers and give prompt feedback and keep them updated gorgeous new listings!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#28: Kiss Team

The Kiss Team has several years’ of experience in the real estate industry and are well aware of what their clients require hence providing exceptional services. They are well established across social media platforms such as Facebook, where they have over 6,600 followers. They ensure that they provide content information to their followers to keep them updated.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#27: The Amy Flowers Team

The Amy Flowers Team aim to provide top-notch services to their clients. Buyers and sellers have confidence in this team’s ability to work on their expectations and deliver great results. This team never fails to constantly publish recent information on their social media platforms and ensure that their followers are up to date with the firm’s progress.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#26: Focus Real Estate

The Focus Real Estate team’s aim is to provide their clients with a concierge experience in home buying, selling or leasing. They are very active on social media and never fail to constantly update their Facebook and other social media platforms to ensure that their followers never miss on great deals and important information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#25: Todd Riccio Real Estate Team

The Todd Riccio Real Estate Team has an established team of experts where they bring a client’s real estate needs to fulfillment to surpass the client’s expectations. You can find them on social media where they use their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to engage their clients and publish their newest information to keep followers up to date.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#24: Premier Real Estate

Premier Real Estate is a group of professional real estate agents focus on helping buyers find their dream homes and help sellers in their home sales. This team has a positive reputation online and constantly use their established Facebook account to engage with clients while keeping their large audience informed on their latest deals.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#23: Your Miami Team

Your Miami Team works towards fulfilling their clients’ requirements and ensuring top-notch customer service and this is why they are among the best real estate teams. They have a prominent Facebook page and they use it to constantly publish information and the latest deals to ensure that their audience is updated and does not miss out on important content.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#22: The Simons Group

Carli Simon is a top real estate agent and together with her team, The Simons Group, is dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive utmost satisfaction for their real estate needs. They have a strong social media presence in Facebook where they keep their audience informed and offer prompt communication and feedback to their followers.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#21: HV Home Team

The HV Home Team is a team of licensed real estate agents who enable their clients to get the best deals out of their real estate needs. They have over 10,300 followers on Facebook and use this and Twitter platforms to provide recent content to their numerous followers and ensure prompt communication.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#20: The Alex & Joe Team

The Alex & Joe Team have previously made successful sales and has a group of real estate professionals who do not overlook any details in order to deliver ground-breaking marketing to its seller/buyer clients. They have an established online presence on social media platforms where they keep constant engagement and updates with their numerous followers.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#19: The Golfi Team

Led by Rob Golfi, this team is dedicated to helping buyers find a home in a suitable neighborhood while helping sellers make the most of their home sales in short periods of time. The Golfi Team also ensures that they provide prompt communication to any queries and use their established social media pages to keep their followers up to date!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#18: The Christine Cowern Team

Christine Cowern and her team are based in Toronto, Canada. They focus on both buyers and sellers and their established team of specialists believe in providing the best customer experience and marketing exposure to its clients. They have successful Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages where they never fail to update their followers on new information or interesting deals.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#17: First Team Real Estate

First Team Real Estate is headed by Cameron Merage and is one of the top real estate teams in Southern California. They focus on dealing with providing their clients the most sales volumes in home sales. They also utilize their established social media platforms to reach out to potential clients and engage with their audience.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#16: Lori Ballen Team

The Lori Ballen Team’s ranking as one of the top real estate teams comes as no surprise since they work diligently and provide quality customer services to their clients. The team uses their social media profiles which have a large audience to engage with clients and provide new and interesting information or deals.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#15: The Panozzo Team

The Panozzo Team consists of a team of professional real estate agents that is led by Kim and Dave Panozzo. Clients who have worked with the team always have positive reviews. They have a strong social media audience in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with whom they constantly engage and provide interesting content and information.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#14: Jody Clegg Real Estate Team

This top-performing team provides its clients with an unparalleled exposure that surpasses their expectations to ensure client satisfaction. The Jody Clegg Real Estate Team has hardworking and diligent specialists that deal in client servicing. They also deliver new and interesting information to their well-established social media accounts! Visit their pages now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#13: Lombardo Real Estate

The Lombardo Real Estate team have plenty of successful deals which rates them among the top real estate teams in the USA. With more than 5,600 Facebook and 8,100 Instagram followers, the team manages to reach its huge audience and uses the social media platforms to deliver information on new listings and successful sales.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#12: Louisville Real Estate

The Louisville Real Estate team is among the best real estate teams who offer exceptional home consulting services and specialize in dealing with clients seeking home buying or selling. They have a successful Facebook profile which is followed by more than 15,100 users and only has nothing but positive reviews from previous clients.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#11: Team Smith

This team is founded and led by Ryan Smith who is also a real estate broker. The team’s reputation is not only to make and close transaction deals but also they provide their clients with professional advice on investing in a home. Clients can engage with them on their Facebook page, which has over 6,100 followers or view their Instagram profile which has over 9,000 followers.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#10: The Kate Broddick Team

The Kate Broddick Team has been ranked as the best real estate team in Brantford since 2015. The team specializes in listing homes for sellers and finding prompt buyers and work efficiently to ensure satisfactory services towards their clients. They have prominent social media pages which are being used successfully to get in touch with their clients!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#9: The Zeder Team

Led by Judy Zeder, this team has gone ahead to be ranked among the best three real estate teams in Miami-Dade, and among the best Florida real estate teams. They use their social media platforms, which has garnered thousands of followers to constantly engage their current and potential clients, who always leave a positive review after a successful deal.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#8: O’Byrne Team

This team is headed by Seth O’Byrne and has been providing excellent services in real estate for less than 12 years yet is among the best real estate teams in the USA. The team got first place in the number of the deals closed in 2013 and has continued to thrive. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages, where they keep their audience up to date with interesting content.


#7: Monica Shea Real Estate Team

Monica Shea, together with her husband Ryan Shea head the Monica Shea Real Estate Team. The team consists of dedicated agents that provide a “personal level” services to ensure client satisfaction. The team uses their established Facebook page to provide new information about the team, their listings, and sales. It’s definitely worth taking a look at their social media pages!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#6: The Adam Olsen Team

Founded by Adam Olsen, this real estate team is rated the best real estate team in Huntsville, Tx and also has office’s in downtown Houston and Spring, Tx. The team consists of experts who provide exceptional services to their clients. Their social media presence is impressive, with positive online reviews ensuring potential clients a wonderful experience while working with them.


#5: Ben Kinney Real Estate Team

The Ben Kinney Real Estate Team has a number of agents that work together and effectively to help their clients sell their homes at a profitable price and within the shortest period of time. The team is also recognized among the top 25 exceptional teams in the USA by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. Way to go!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#4: The Jills

The Jills at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate was co-founded by Jill Eber & Jill Hertzberg. The team performs real estate transactions in South Florida and is ranked the best in Florida. They are also found on social media platforms, with an impressive Instagram page showcasing gorgeous listings in Florida. Visit their social media pages now!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#3: Team Renick

This successful real estate team seeks to provide an extraordinary experience to its buyers and sellers. They have a prominent Facebook page with over 88,400 followers, and their Instagram and Twitter following is also high and in which they use to engage with their clients and help them to find or sell a property.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#2: Real Estate Elevated

Tarek & Christina El Moussa co-founded Real Estate Elevated, situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an educational real estate program that focusses on investment training to enable learners to find properties and undertake wholesale deals. They use their social media platforms to provide educational information to their clients and even potential clients who would like to undertake investment training.

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018


#1: The Serhant Team

This team was founded by Ryan Serhant who also currently heads it. Ryan’s team has a current #1 rank for deals closed in Manhattan and #5 for sales closed in Brooklyn. The Serhant Team is well established on social media with over 760,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in which they use to keep their clients up to date with recent information on property listings and amazing-sales deals. No wonder, they are the top real estate team on social media!

Top 100 Real Estate Teams On Social Media In 2018

Renting Vs. Buying: The Pros and Cons

The decision between renting and buying may seem like a hard one, but that’s because it is. There are many factors that go into the decision to buy property versus to rent, ones that could affect you or your family’s future. I’m going to lay out some pros and cons of renting and buying so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

There are plenty of positives to investing in a property. For someone who is ready to settle down and raise a family or simply put down roots in a community that they see as a place they would like to make a long-term investment in. The Houston market is hot right now. According to the Houston Chronicle, home sales rose for the seventh consecutive month, especially for mid-priced single-family homes between $150,000 and $500,000. This growth is driven by increasingly low mortgage rates: on average, a 3.65% on a 30-year fixed-rate, 1% lower than this time last year. Another pro to consider when purchasing property is the fact that doing so builds equity. You’re not only investing in intangible benefits like stability and community, but also wealth- and equity-building. This is in great contrast to renting, because while you do that, you’re building none of this. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “throwing away money” like some purport, it is something to think about when considering the long-term ramifications. Sometimes your mortgage payment can end up being even lower than a monthly renting fee, while also having the ability to do whatever you want to the property: paint, remodel, rent to others, etc. Ultimately, at the right stage in one’s life, buying a property is a very smart choice. It is an investment that builds not only wealth and equity, but stability and the ability to create a home and an environment that is perfect for you. This has so many benefits beyond wealth, like better a better lifestyle.

Despite all of these positives, there are some things to consider before buying a property. There are lots of unknown costs when it comes to owning a property. As the property owner, you are responsible for any maintenance, potential liability, and any other sort of expense that may not come to light until after you purchase the property. It is important to be aware, and be prepared, for these costs. With proper planning beforehand and good financial decision making, though, these costs are not detrimental to owning a property and could, in fact, help you improve the property before you resell it. There is also the possibility that your mortgage could end up being more expensive than renting. Additionally, the housing market is always fluctuating, and the value of your property could go up or down depending on many different factors. That’s why it is important to research the area in which you wish to move to be prepared for any sort of future fluctuations that could raise or lower the value of your property.

On the flip side, one of the biggest Pros of renting a property is flexibility. This is what makes renting a great choice for those who are not sure if they are ready to settle down and invest in a property, for numerous reasons. Each time your lease ends, you have the opportunity to move somewhere else. This could either be because of a career move or simply an upgrade to a better neighborhood or nicer property. Additionally, when you’re renting a property, you know what you’re going to be spending on rent each month. The landlord or property manager will cover any sort of maintenance that might come along with the property and, as a tenant, you are not obligated to pay any sort of property taxes. However, this flexibility can also be considered a con. Rent can increase when your lease is up. The landlord or property manager can sell the property to a different management company, which can be good or bad depending on who is taking over. These unknowns are definitely cause for consideration.

There is no single answer as to which one is better, renting or buying. There are times in a person’s life where it might be better to rent or buy depending on their circumstances. What you should do is evaluate your situation accordingly and find out what is best for you and what you are looking for at the current phase in your life. It’s also important not to just consider the financial aspects, but the personal aspects as well. Are you looking to settle in one area? Are you stable in your career or looking for opportunity elsewhere? What are you looking for in a community? All of these questions and more can help you decide what is best for you. While buying a property can be a daunting prospect, the best way to begin this lifechanging process is to be prepared. Being prepared can simply mean knowing where you want to live, but it also means knowing the financial ins-and-outs of the process so you, as a home buyer, can be as prepared as possible. This preparedness will make the process much smoother and much more pleasant.