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Martone Custom Homes

Martone Custom Homes

Martone Custom Homes a premiere builder of AR Home Designs

Martone Custom Homes builds dream homes. It’s also a home built from the ground up around your vision. A home to live the life you’ve always envisioned. Combining elegance, craftsmanship and lasting value, we invite you to discover for yourself why Martone Custom Homes is the name discerning homeowners trust.

A Better Home Shopping Experience

A Martone Home is designed and purpose-built to accommodate more than just people. Each floorplan takes into account how you live in each part of the home, where you choose to entertain, and where you seek refuge. Our designs impart a natural flow from one room to the next; from indoors to out. Each room takes into account where furniture can comfortably fit, where the best vantage points are, and where windows should be placed to optimize sightlines.

Luxury, Built Your Way

Customization & Personalization

There’s nothing off-the-shelf about our collection of award-winning home designs. Each one stands on its own architectural merits—and with more than 300 award-winning designs ranging from 2,000-7,000 square feet, there are plenty from which to choose. But to us, they are jumping-off points; thought starters that can be modified and customized until the perfect elevation, size, and style is yours.

Leading Design & Innovation

We are methodical in elevating our home designs, using three main approaches. First, we look to our team of extraordinarily talented designers who continually innovate and pioneer new concepts. Secondly, we invest heavily in research and development by sending teams across North America to study the best in architecture and interior design. Lastly, we listen to and learn from our many discriminating customers, enabling us to better understand luxury buying trends as they occur in real time.

Proven Process

Transforming dreams of this scale into reality is no task for the uninitiated. With decades of experience and hundreds of homes built, no other luxury brand has a track record of success like Martone Custom Homes. We have spent decades refining our process to be as organized, transparent, and as worry-free as possible.

Full Disclosure Pricing

Martone will guarantee that our initial price will be the final price. One of the best things about our network is that we’ll give you our best and final price right at the outset, without any negotiating effort on your part.